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W I S H   L I S T S

Official Request Form for ASE Civil Enhancements


ASE Civil is a “work-in-progress”. The program was first used in a team environment in 2002. ASE was nothing more than a collection of Viewports, strategically arranged and controlled via text-based scripting. The functional scope was limited to displaying, formatting and adjusting the positions of subdivision design profiles on improvement sheets.

ASE’s exposure to a small group of civil engineering professionals prompted continuous feedback, making the small albeit useful system, gradually better over time. User feedback also inspired new ideas, which led to the creation of unique, new systems, the likes of which have never before been seen in the civil engineering community. Tools like Design Markers, Flow Labels, Links and ASE’s Profile Generator have in fact revolutionized the speed and efficiency of subdivision design and drafting in the southwestern US.

Much of ASE’s evolution can be directly attributed to client feedback. Without constant, uninhibited dialog with the professionals actually using the software in real-world projects every day, ASE Civil simply would not be what it is now. The most valuable resource to a software engineer is the client for whom the solutions are being developed.

”… I value any opportunity to talk with clients. I love to I hear first-hand how well ASE has worked for them on their projects. I’m equally interested in knowing where I failed them. I need to know exactly where and how I ‘missed the mark’. I learn from those mistakes. Failure helps me understand what my clients really need to get the job done quickly, accurately and reliably…”

-Nick Merchant, Founder/Developer, ASE Civil


ASE, LLC encourages anyone that has used ASE Civil to take the time to provide feedback in this wish list request form. Please tell us how we can improve our solution and what changes or additions would benefit your organization. Based on aggregate feedback and availability of resources, we will do everything possible to meet your civil engineering and subdivision design and production needs in future releases of the application.