An Extraordinary Application for EXPRESS Subdivision Design & Production






D E V E L O P M E N T   S T A T U S

Progress Statistics re: Active Development & Repair Tasks

Updated : 2014.08.22



The developers of ASE Civil Design Software sincerely value the patronage and feedback given by the clients. In return, we make every effort to continuously develop the application to satisfy the needs of those actively use ASE Civil and make their everyday design and production requirements and requests known to us.

A large part of that effort includes open dialog and frequent, two-way communication. We want to know what our clients need and we feel that we owe it to our clients to let them know exactly what we’re doing to address those needs as quickly as possible.


The information shown below graphically illustrates the current stages of progress of each of the listed enhancements and/or repairs to ASE Civil. Most or all of the items in the list are taken directly from the wish list requests provided by clients. The ‘Percent Complete’ is only an estimate. Actual progress may be slightly ahead or behind the value shown.


 0%                                                                     PERCENT COMPLETE                                                                      100%

Design Markers Overhaul


















































Flow Labels Overhaul



















































Constraints Overhaul



















































Enterprise Layer Naming  Controls


















































EG Profile Generation


















































Dynamic Utilities

Phase I:

Storm Drain Pipes (2-D)


















































Individual Pad Design Settings


















































3D Road Models

Overhaul, Phase I:
Assembly Image Library


















































Lot Grading

Overhaul Phase I:
“Batch” Pad Definition


















































Ribbon Completion



















































“SID” Development