An EXTRAORDINARY Application for EXPRESS Subdivision Design & Production!

Application Update 2015.07.09 Build 150709[BETA] / ServicePack14 “Z” : Published
Toolbar Repaired 2015.07.06 Repaired an error that locked the drawing file, preventing it from being saved.
ASE CUIX Replaced 2015.07.02 Replaced incorrect cuix with the correct version.
Plan Labels Repair 2015.06.30 Involuntary, random re-sizing of TOC labels has been eliminated. Label updates with this new version will also fix any label text heights that have been shrunken by the previous 're-sizing bug'.
Initialization Revised 2015.04.13 Successful initialization cycles are visually indicated by a small dialog when the process completes.
Base Map Control Enhancement 2015.04.13 A modeless toolbar button was added to allow access the 'BMCTOL' (BMC Tolerance) command line control options.
Basins Repair 2015.04.26 Critical registry settings are established and audited before any command is run to eliminate execution errors.
Profile Display Revised 2015.05.06 Display scales are automatically detected and have been removed from the menu.
Improvements New 2015.03.20 A dynamic bar scale symbol has been added to the list of available features.
Profile Generation Revised 2015.03.20 Generated profiles cannot be created in a drawing that contains Design Markers.
Vertical Design Revised 2015.03.20 Design Markers located at arc mid-points are no longer elevated unless they are individually-selected.
Vertical Design Enhancement 2015.03.20 The alignment reference for road paving feature definitions may now be changed by typing 'RPDB" at the command line.
Alignments Repair 2015.03.20 The 'bad argument type: 2D/3D point: (nil nil)' error that sometimes occurs when graphically setting an alignment current has been resolved.
Alignments Repair 2015.04.04 Disabling the option to 'Zoom to Current Alignment' now works for all 'Set current..." methods and both ASE & Civil 3D alignment formats.
AutoCAD System Variables Repair 2015.04.20 The '...AutoCAD variable setting rejected: "rasterpreview" 1' error has been resolved.
Profile Display Repair 2015.04.02 The (Exception) error message that occurs when opening the settings dialog has been resolved.
Design Profiles Repair 2015.04.02 The 'bad argument type: 2D/3D point: (nil nil)' error message that occurs when viewing the design profile & prompted to 'Select a Preview object: >>' has been resolved.
Pads Revised 2015.04.09 Pads are no longer audited when a Link is created or during drawing initialization cycles.
Vertical Design Layers 2015.04.18 ASE vertical design system layers are unconditionally thawed before drawing initialization to eliminate crashing.
Ribbon Revised 2015.06.14 The ASE Tools ribbon tab commands were moved to a modeless .NET toolbar.
Application Update 2014.12.09 Build NLBC_J5047 / ServicePack14 “Z” : Published
License Management Revised 2014.12.09 Internet connectivity is no longer an absolute requirement for license availability and normal program function.
Application CRITICAL UPDATE 2014.12.07 Build NLBA_M3330 / ServicePack14 “Z” : Published
License Management Repair 2014.12.07 Restored normal function to ASE Civil web licensing by adapting Sentinel2 License Manager to new web host communication protocols.
License Management Enhancement 2014.12.07 Added an automatic license "ByPass" system to ensure 100% client license uptime in the event of a server failure or a web host reconfiguration.
License Management Revised 2014.12.07 Licensing dialogs were modified to more accurately describe any errors encountered and/or ASE server access status conditions.
Application Update 2014.11.25 Build NKED_L17 / ServicePack14 “Z” : Published
Basins Repair 2014.11.22 The "Volume Required" value specified by the user during the basin definition process is now accurately reflected in the basin label.
Paving Design Enhancement 2014.11.24 Integrated 'Paving Feature Mirroring': When alignment definitions are reversed after all paving features have been defined, the offset features will require "mirroring". In other words the offset component paving features will need to be flipped to the opposite side of the new alignment definition. A new command has been added to the Paving Mgt ribbon that allows the designer to select an alignment and have all offset features mirrored. For example, all 'L2' component definitions on the selected alignment will be reassigned to the 'R2' component. The current version of this enhancement necessitates running the ASE 'Selective Auditing...' command, accessible from the 'ASE Design' pulldown menu so the stations and offsets can also be updated to reflect the reorientation of the reversed alignment definition. In the auditing dialog, the only option that requires selection is the 'Synchronize Stations/Offsets' checkbox found in the 'Design Markers' section at the top of the dialog. After running the audit, the paving data can be re-exported. This will update the corridor model and the design profile view (if present), as well as update the associated paving data used for profile generation, plan labels and pad curb reference elevations.
ASE Corridor Models Enhancement 2014.11.26 Additional assembly images were added to the library.
Application Update 2014.10.29 Build NJED_0927 / ServicePack14 “U” : Published
Compatibility Enhancement 2014.10.29 The scope of compatibility of ASE Civil 2014 has been increased to now include Civil 3D 2013, 2014 & 2015.
Ribbon Enhancement 2014.10.29 Various missing bitmaps associated with some ribbon button commands and toolbars have been restored.
Ribbon Enhancement 2014.10.28 The 'Local-1' Profile Display tab was reorganized and renamed. A new panel was added to accmmodate new command buttons, which were added to the tab for attaching profiles, adjusting settings and redefining Profile Display limits.
Ribbon Enhancement 2014.10.28 New command buttons were added to the Design tab for opening the site and alignment corridor model preferences dialog.
Reactors Repair 2014.10.04 Reactor loading was modified to prevent load errors and/or load failures on some clients' systems.
ASE Corridor Model Enhancement 2014.10.03 The site preferences dialog has been completely overhauled and replaced with a new .NET version that displays assembly images. Assemblies were also renamed using a numerical prefix to support technical requirements of the new development.
Basins Reconfiguration 2014.10.01 Basin design slopes and slope overrides precision was increased to two decimal places and the minimum value was reduced to 0.01. to support more accurate wall simulation in basin grading.
Application Update 2014.10.22 Build NICE1034 / ServicePack14 “T” : Published
Corridor Modeling Repair 2014.10.22 A development error inadvertently disabled the site preferences dialog, preventing it from displaying to allow the user to edit ASE corridor model site preferences. This has been repaired.
Application Update 2014.09.26 Build NICE1034 / ServicePack14 “S” : Published
Trial Version Reconfiguration 2014.09.23 The trial version has been stripped of all authorization and trial notification dialogs and prompts. There is no longer a 30-day usage limit. Access to the trial version will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Floating licenses will be added to the database to satisfy increases in user demand.
Installation Platforms Reconfiguration 2014.09.19 There is no longer any distinction between workstation and network versions of ASE Civil. Since all licenses are now managed from the corporate website and all licenses are now shared amongst all users within the organization, the platform is now universal for all program installations and licenses.
Licensing Modification 2014.09.17 All licensing is now web-based. Floating licenses are now managed from a SQL Server database on the ASE website via a PHP webpage control program. This shift to a Cloud-based authentication system, eliminates the need for workstation authorization.
Application Update 2014.08.30 Build NHEG1144 / ServicePack14 “Q” : Published
Communication Enhancement 2014.09.03 HTTP communication protocols have been integrated into ASE Civil which allows the program to communicate with the main ASE server on the Internet. This technology milestone achievement will pave the way for development of many new web-based tools and alternative means of software licensing, such as short-term leasing and licensing on-demand options, versus full-purchase.
Licensing Modification 2014.08.30 Security updates.
Application Update 2014.08.22 Build N3208.1306 / ServicePack14 “P” : Published
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