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Q U I C K – S T A R T




This section provides step-by-step instructions designed to help new ASE users understand the fundamental concepts of the program and become productive as soon as possible. These guidelines are intended to be used with the downloadable data set available from the hyperlink below. The instructions are listed in a specific sequence that should be followed as closely as possible. ASE Civil is a flexible application and may be used in  a variety of ways that may not follow the developers’ recommendations. However, the directions in this “QUICK-START” section should be adhered to verbatim to optimize the learning experience.


Once ASE Civil’s work-flow is understood and the program behavior becomes more familiar, you will recognize that there are a few limitations. However, you will also start to gain considerable appreciation for its unique capabilities and quickly learn how to optimize ASE for the benefit of your individual design & production environment. Creativity and innovation will follow closely behind your experience with the application.





Sample Project


Explains project organization, intended use.

Sample Project

Download (AseSampleProject.exe)

Last Upload: 2014.05.16.0850

Changes this month:

  • Added layer settings files (.LAS)
  • Added more FG Profile drawing files

Sample Project


Detailed, step-by-step installation instructions

Base Map Control





ASE alignments are optional.

ASE alignments are compatible with Civil 3D.

ASE Civil will operate normally using only Civil 3D alignments.

Design & production with ASE does not require transition alignments.

Medians do not require any additional alignment other than centerline.

Vertical Design

Drawing Setup


Vertical Design

Adjust Design Marker Preferences


Vertical Design

Set Design Markers in Drawing

Vertical Design

Create Flow Labels

Watch the YouTube video on Flow Label creation

Vertical Design

Create Links

Watch the YouTube video on Linking










Vertical Design

Elevate Design Markers


Paving Design

Attach Markers to Alignment(s)

Also known as “Alignment Association”

Paving Design

Define Grade Breaks


Paving Design

Define Intersections


Paving Design

Define Curb Transitions


Paving Design

Define True-Length Regions


Paving Design

Export Design Data

Automatically generates 3D corridor models.

Creates profile data accessible project-wide.

Enables design data references for plan labels, pad management.

Paving Design

Create Design Profiles

Single-line, multi-component profiles.

Used to preview, analyze current design inside vertical design drawing.

Not meant for use in production.

Grading Design

Create, Define Pads


Grading Design

Attach Pads to Alignment(s)


Grading Design

Draw, Define, Adjust ASE Basins

Optional. ASE basins are not required

Grading Design

Build FG Surface

ASE manages TIN creation using Civil 3D

Grading Design

Calculate Earthworks Volume


Grading Plans

Create Plan Labels

Dynamic label for curbs, gutters, pavement

FG data is not required to create labels

Grading Plans

Create Storm Drains, Headwalls

Currently, this feature is a 2-D drafting tool only

Full Profiles

Setup ASE “Generated” Profile Drawing

A separate drawing file is required for each alignment.

Preferences are saved to ASE data folder, then used for all profiles in project.

Paving Plans

Create, Adjust Profile Displays